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TurBiScat - the new in-line turbidity monitor

Right in time for the Drinktec exhibition, Sigrist-Photometer AG introduce the latest innovation for in-line turbidity measurement, the TurBiScat. Innovation with tangible benefits was the main driver for the development of this new instrument and the new control unit SICON. The most important features are a sealless design, easy handling, the extended sensor check with optical anti-fouling control and the optional colour measurement. For the new control unit Sigrist-Photometer AG incorporate the latest available technology with touch-screen and colour display, as well as modern interface options. This makes operating extremely user-friendly and the instrument can be integrated in any existing system structure. The instruments TurBiScat and SICON will be on display during Drinktec exhibition in Munich at the stand of Sigrist-Photometer AG in hall A3, stand 306.
The control unit SICON uses state-of-the-art touch screen technology with color display. It allows simple operation using logical menu guidance. The user can select the way results are displayed, either as plain values, graphs or historical data, including the indication of system and alarm status. The control unit SICON offers all possibilities of full system integration using various interface options. A SD card is standard and can be used for data logging with almost unlimited storage capacity for QS requirements.
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The TurBiScat monitors turbidity in liquids, optional also the (beer)colour in EBC. The combination of Hastelloy and sapphire in a sealless design allows operating the unit in practically all process applications. Turbidity measurement is done with colour compensation. Window fouling is monitored, compensated and can be checked using an anti-fouling control. Calibration is easily done using a secondary reference standard.


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