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Our Goal

An independent Swiss SME

SIGRIST company culture is based on a symbiosis of tangible and intangible values which we continuously develop to the benefit of all stakeholders. We focus on responsible entrepreneurial behaviour, whether it concerns our business activities, relations to employees and other stakeholders, or relevant environmental issues. We believe that fairness, reliability and sustainability are success factors which are just as important as economical aspects.

The realization of this concept is linked to freedom and independence. From the very beginning we carefully safeguarded our independence. Vereinigung Bizun, an association in accordance with the Swiss code of civil law, was founded to secure self-determination. Today it is the sole owner of the company group. Vereinigung Bizun functions as a holding company and provides guidance to the SIGRIST team concerning the implementation of the corporate culture.

Firmensitz in Ennetbürgen


SIGRIST - Manufacturer of high quality process photometers

At our head offices in Ennetbürgen, Switzerland, a staff of 60 people works in development, production, sales and customer services. Our qualified and motivated team is focussed on product quality and services that ensure customer satisfaction.

70 sales partners in 80 countries worldwide guarantee that new and existing customers will always have a SIGRIST representative nearby. Ongoing training and support are provided to our sales and service partners by HQ specialists, thus guaranteeing that our customers receive competent advice and efficient support when it comes to the application of SIGRIST products.





One of the first SIGRIST Photometer


SIGRIST as employer

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Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008

Quality that meets the highest demands is the key to SIGRIST’s success. Our internal processes are managed, monitored and continually improved based on our ISO 9001:2008 management system.

Certificate ISO 9001:2000


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