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Annual Review

An eventful year will soon be history. Already at the beginning of the year we expected big challenges for the year 2011. There were already first clear signs of a monetary crisis visible, combined with an economical setback. In summer, this situation led to a massive strength of the already strong Swiss Franc. With immediate effect, products made in Switzerland became much more expensive. For SIGRIST there was no exception, as SIGRIST exports around 80% of its instruments. We tried with specific measures to deal with this situation. After some time, the Swiss National Bank intervened and this helped to weaken the Swiss Franc to a certain extend. There was a certain relief; the problem however, still exists. SIGRIST is committed to the work place Switzerland. Our instruments are still manufactured at our location in Ennetbürgen. This is the only way we can guarantee for the high “Swissness” quality, which is recognized by our customers. The whole SIGRIST team expresses its deepest gratitude towards all the loyal customers and business partners for their support and confidence. Despite the economical situation, we have a positive outlook for the year 2012.


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