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Never before has SIGRIST-PHOTOMETER AG been able to satisfy the needs of the brewing and beverages industries with a larger product portfolio: Measuring technology for the protection of your products as well as the options for minimizing product loss, that means safety and economic efficiency in all production stages – from water catchment to the packaged product.


The new SIGRIST multi-parameter measuring system AquaMaster reliably detects even slightest contaminations in your wells, springs and also in the municipal water supply using turbidity, pH, conductivity, Redox, oxygen and SAK.


In the brewing process all relevant measuring points can be reliably monitored from the lauter tun to the pressure tank, from yeast pitching to dosage control of PVPP at any level of turbidity with our low-maintenance inline turbidimeters.


Optimizing the brewing process so that product loss can be avoided and costs can thus be saved is realized by this measuring technology. SIGRIST-PHOTOMETER AG have successfully put into practice a number of applications. Whether in the separation of water and wort, the separation of yeast and beer or of beer and water – cost-effective instruments quickly result in cost optimization with a short period of amortization and with a minimum of operational costs.


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