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Pre-View Brau Beviale 2014

SIGRIST-PHOTOMETER AG sensors offer solutions rapidly resulting in the desired increase in efficiency and savings of costs.

Theses sensors are successfully used i. e. for the following applications:
Multi-parameter monitoring of the brewing water, monitoring of wort turbidity, whirlpool control, control of the centrifuge, detection of phase transitions, yeast dosing, control and monitoring of filtration, colour dosing control at the blending plant, process control and quality management.

A large measuring range combined with high sensitivity and accuracy allows reliable measurement of all types of beer, wine, liquor and mixed beverages at all process stages.


Let yourself be convinced of the advantages using SIGRIST measuring equipment! Our staff will gladly present you our solutions and be ready to answer all your questions.


We are looking forward to welcome you at our booth in hall no. 6 / booth no. 417..

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