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Successful launch of the new SIGRIST instruments “LabScat 2” and “AquaMaster”

The completely redesigned LabScat 2 laboratory turbidity meter impresses with its very compact design using a user-friendly operation panel with touch screen and colour display. The instrument was first shown to the professional audience during the last Brau Beviale and triggered from the beginning a high interest. Hence, it was no surprise that the first production series was already sold before the official sales start on April 1st.  The instruments will be delivered in the coming days to happy customers.


With the introduction of the AquaMaster on April 1st, SIGRIST offers an extremely compact multi parameter system for the measurement of the most relevant parameters in water treatment works. The combination of the tried and tested turbidity instruments AquaScat with high quality sensors to measure pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and redox/ORP guarantees high measurement accuracy, reliability as well as simple calibration and maintenance without tools.

The performance of the system convinced during the field trials, we already received first orders for the innovative system.

AquaMaster is a compact measuring system for the following parameters: turbidity, pH, conductivity, Redox, dissolved oxygen and temperature. The various parameters can be combined individually. The colour touch screen of the AquaScat is the central control and display unit, as well as the connection to the host control system. Up to 8 measuring values can be transmitted. The measuring station is delivered completely pre-mounted. It requires only connecting the water inlet and water outlet. Connect – Adjust flow rate - Measure! Special attention was paid concerning maintenance. Holders and trays are integrated to leave both hands free for cleaning and calibration tasks.
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LabScat 2
The LabScat monitors turbidity in liquids, using a single light source to detect transmitted light and scattered light at 90° and 25°. This allows colour-compensated dual-angle measurement according to MEBAK and EBC standard, in bottles and glass cuvettes. Bottle rotation and water-bath minimize disturbing influences, the quality of the water bath is monitored. Operation is done via a colour touchscreen. No tools are required for routine maintenance. Calibration check is simply performed with a calibration unit with a glass reference, which is part of the scope of supply. Sample ID and handling measuring data are performed using digital interfaces (USB, Ethernet with web browser).
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