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Successful tunnel symposium of the SIGRIST GmbH
Almost 120 participants attended this year’s tunnel symposium of the SIGRIST-PHOTOMETER GmbH, on 25th – 26th April in Trier, Germany. After a pleasant get-together on Wednesday evening, the event officially took off with numerous presentations outlining different aspects of safety in tunnels on Thursday. In the evening, our guests could see Trier through the eyes of a Roman or the night watch and then continue their expert discussions in the Bitburger Wirtshaus. On Friday, the Micheville tunnel near Luxemburg was visited and inspected in detail. In particular its special planning issues, operating technology and the frequency controlled ventilation was presented. During those two days, many valuable experiences were exchanged and important contacts could be made. We would like to thank all speakers and participants and are already looking forward to the next tunnel symposium in Germany in 2020.

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