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The new OilGuard from SIGRIST is the result of more than 13 years experience with online Oil-in-Water monitoring systems. The new instrument has been developed in close cooperation with the oil industry and combines proven UV fluorescence technique with valuable features for an easy and reliable operation even under offshore conditions. These features include a proven contact-less measurement, which drastically reduces regular maintenance requirements and allows unattended operation over several weeks. A closed flow cell is available for clean media such as condensate or for the monitoring of oil leakage into cooling water.

The dual-beam optics automatically compensates the effects of light source aging, temperature changes, etc. and guarantees long-term stability. The quick response and high sensitivity of the continuous measurement classifies the OilGuard as a valuable monitor to react immediately to process malfunctions or accidents. User-specific calibration to as many as 8 oil grades allows to use the OilGuard as reporting instrument to quantify the amount of oil discharge in produced water; calibration can be done and adjusted on site.

A pressurized-enclosure version is offered for installation in hazardous areas, ready certified according to the latest ATEX regulations. Servicing of the flow cell and calibration checks can be carried out without switching off the power supply or disabling the explosion protection.

The OilGuard is built according to the requirements of the IMO-MARPOL standard for the use on FSO and FPSO vessels.

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