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Every brewer knows his SIGRIST as a reliable and exact measurement of the turbidity after the filtration since many years. The DualScat using dual angle measurement in only one head with its unique calibration standard is continuing this tradition. Today we can offer a whole family of turbidity and color analyzers not only for the breweries, but this fact is still new for many users.

For turbidity measurement in breweries the range is from wort turbidity after lauter tun and whirlpool to centrifuge control and yeast dosing as well as lab turbidity measurement. In addition we can offer color measurement for color or caramel dosing as well as simple phase separators to be used for yeast crop or the optimisation of cleaning steps. Of course all sensors can be simply integrated into the process using Varivent housings. New – as the related process – is a continuous particle counter for the monitoring of membrane filters.

For whisky distilleries and other spirit manufacturers turbidity and color monitors are also available in an explosion proof ATEX version. They are completed by a special version of the lab turbidimeter LabScat allowing measurement at a preselected temperature.

In soft drink applications the ICUMSA color value of sugar syrup can be calculated and provided using the ColorPlus together with a Brix analyzer. Product identification in front of the fillers is another application.

Products: DualScat | DualScat Ex | LabScat | RAMS | ColorPlus bypass | ColorPlus Ex bypass | ColorPlus in-line | ColorPlus Ex in-line

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