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Process photometry has many applications in breweries. Besides the actual production of beer, for which SIGRIST did pioneering work with precision turbidity measurement for filter monitoring, these include

  • treatment of the brewing water

  • wastewater treatment

  • laboratory checks

Depending on the quality of the available raw water, treatment of the brewing water may employ the same techniques as drinking water treatment: flocculation, sand filtration, ozone sterilization (ozone measurement), activated carbon filtration (activated carbon filter).

In the actual production process, the main application is the measurement of turbidity values for the purpose of monitoring beer filtration. Dual-angle method, i.e. the detection of the scattered light intensity at two different angles, is used to distinguish particle sizes. Other measuring points are used to check wort lautering, yeast dosing, and colour, especially the wort colour.

SIGRIST photometer for detecting phase transitions is used in various applications (water-wort, yeast-beer, and beer-water). Phase switch

A special laboratory version of the SIGRIST turbidimeter is used for measuring individual samples in the measuring cell or in filled beer bottles. It is equipped with an automatic rotation device and an electronic evaluation system for eliminating the effect of any optical irregularities in the bottle glass. Use of a water bath eliminates problems of condensation when measuring cold samples.

Figure 5 is a schematic layout of the beer brewing process with possible measuring points.

Brewing process
Fig. 5: Brewing process

1 Turbidity after Lauter Tun 15 Turbidity in the Brewery's Laboratory
2 Turbidity after Whirlpool 16 Turbidity before Filler
3 Phase Separation Water/Wort 17 Colour (EBC) of Hot Wort before Cooler
4 Yeast Dosing 19 Turbidity in Trated Water
5 Phase Separation Yeast/Beer 21 pH Value in Raw Water / Treated Water
6 Turbidity at the Separator
7 Turbidity for Kieselguhr Dosing 22 Conductivity in Raw Water / Treated Water
8 Turbidity for Beer Filtration Monitoring
9 Colour (EBC) after Beer Filtration 23 ORP in Raw Water / Treated Water
10 Turbidity for PVPP Dosing
11 Turbidity after PVPP Filtration 22 Dissolved Oxygen in Raw Water / Treated Water
12 Turbidity after Sheet Filter
13 Colour (EBC) of Beer at the Blending Unit 23 Concentration of Free Chlorine, Chlorine dioxide (CIO2) and Ozone (O3) in Water
14 Phase Separation Beer/Water

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