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Integrated in the scrubber of cruise liner and cargo vessels, our ScrubberGuard reliably measures PAH (oil traces), turbidity, pH level and temperature of the scrubber wash water before it is drained into the sea.
It combines established individual components in an innovative all-in-one system - complemented by unique maritime refinements.

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More and more goods are transported by sea on a global scale and cruise liners are also enjoying an increase in popularity. For economic reasons, many ship operators choose heavy fuel oil as a propellant. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has issued guidelines for limiting pollutant emissions of heavy fuel oil powered ships. In order to continue an operation with highly sulphurous heavy fuel oil, the ships are refitted with scrubbers. The certified measuring system ScrubberGuard reliably and continuously measures the parameters of the scrubber wash water, such as turbidity, oil-in-water, pH and temperature in accordance with the guidelines for exhaust gas treatment systems MEPC.259 (68). The true non-contact measuring system and the exact recalibration (you can do on your own) without the use of chemicals, allows a long-term stable measurement and reduces maintenance to a minimum. The ScrubberGuard was specifically designed for the challenging process and environmental conditions of this application.
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