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New training facility opened at Sigrist

Mid November Sigrist-Photometer AG opened its new training facility after a comprehensive planning and careful execution. We can now provide a modern and up-to-date infrastructure for the training of our international agencies and customers. The training facility consists of a lecture room and a workshop. The lecture room offers all functions to show impressive presentations thanks to professional and discrete installed audio/video equipment. A new light concept provides an absolute uniform illumination and saves energy at the same time. Students can log into our website directly via cable or WLAN and actively participate in training examples having all information available. The workshop offers plenty of space to work on instruments and – thanks to its flexible concept - can be quickly adapted to the specific requirements. Trainings for the installation and operation of our equipment as well as complete service trainings for our qualified international technicians are carried out efficiently. A separate wet part allows practical handling and measurements. The first service and sales trainings were already successfully conducted in the new facility.


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