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Extension of the assembly and calibration capacity
In the past five years the number of instruments produced by Sigrist has increased by more than 50% and we also count on a continuous growth in the years to come. More and more, the space available in our existing assembling and calibration rooms became tight. Especially highly welcome large orders, like FireGuard, was always a challenge for our employees. A lot of flexibility was required to complete the orders swiftly, while still keeping the known high Sigrist quality standard. Respecting these facts was in the focus when we planned the extension of our facilities. Based on the requirements and the expected growth, we expanded our work spaces for the assembling and calibration, which are now fully functioning. The user-friendly work places are designed in such a way that orders of different sizes can be assembled and calibrated in a most economical way. Today, most of the calibration is done automatically. During this process, the necessary documents for QC purpose are completed at the same time, which allows a consistent tracking of the whole history.

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