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SIGRIST is pleased to announce that it has strengthened its presence in the North American beverage market by appointing a very professional and motivated partner, the company Profamo Inc. 

Chris Nimptsch, Managing Director of Profamo introduces his company as follows:
“Profamo Inc. has been a manufacturer's representative, with a laser like focus on the brewing and beverage industry, in North and Latin America since 1976. We have built our reputation on working with some of the World's most innovative and well respected manufacturers of Quality Control and Process equipment.  We have always looked at SIGRIST as being the Gold Standard in process and laboratory measurement of turbidity and color. We are so proud to have been selected to become partners with them as of November 1, 2012. We are also so pleased to be teaming up with SIGRIST's longtime partner in North America, Peak Process Controls, in order to help provide SIGRIST's clients with the highest level of sales and service throughout our territories.  It is our commitment to establish SIGRIST as the market leader in the beverage industry in North America - just as it is in all other countries Worldwide.”

The picture shows Chris Nimptsch from Profamo (right), TJ Medland from Peak Process Controls (left) and Jörg Müller, Business Field Manager Beverages at SIGRIST (middle).  


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