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StackGuard – new standard EN 14181 for emission measurement

The new European Standard EN14181 is regulating the requirements and specifications for emission measurements of power plants, waste incinerators and other emission sources.

Sigrist is specialised since many years on particulate matter (PM) CEMS for wet stacks and has supplied more than 350 units worldwide. Main features of the system are a highly sensitive scattered light detector allowing measurement down to 0.01 mg/dscm or less and an extractive sampling system to overcome the problem of moisture interference by sample heating. A unique feature is the flow cell purge system, reducing the pollution of the optics to a minimum and thus resulting in very low drifts.

According to the new requirements, SIGRIST is launching its actualized PM CEMS StackGuard. The new analyzer offers additional features as: - automatic zero and span point drift check - three months maintenance period - menu driven control unit with clear text display, and is fully compatible with earlier KTNR and CTNR systems.

The StackGuard just has passed the suitability test by German TUV and has shown excellent values for accuracy and availability. It has been certified to be used according to 13th and 17th BImSchV in Germany.

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