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UV absorption and color are two important parameters to secure quality of the drinking water. UV absorption at 254 nm is indicating humic substances, but detects in addition also other organic compounds as mineral oils, aromats, solvents, etc. These substances normally have to be removed by active carbon filtration. Generally, there is a fixed relation between the UV absorption value and the DOC value. So continuous UV absorption measurement may by used as a trend analysis of the DOC value, e.g. for monitoring of raw water. Other typical applications are monitoring of ozonization and activated carbon filtration to secure sufficient disinfection or removal of organic substances. Furthermore, the color can be measured at a wavelength of 436 nm. Continuous monitoring of raw water and treated water allows optimized control of the treatment process and results in a constant quality of the drinking water.

The new absorptiometer ColorPlus from SIGRIST is tailored to these applications. Out of a modular system, a customer specific setup can be realized, independent if in-line or bypass, color or UV absorption or a combination of both, results in E/m or Hazen. The dual beam measuring method and the integrated soiling compensation result in an excellent stability and reliability of the measuring value. Options as turbidity compensation or measurement at up to three different wavelengths complete the range of features.

Products: ColorPlus bypass | ColorPlus in-line| ColorPlus O3 Water


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