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In-line Color Measurement for Process Control

In many production processes of the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, color is an important parameter for the quality of the product. Might be the exact color value, might be the requirement of an ideally colorless product. Examples are decoloration processes as in phthalic anhydride, paraffin or naphta or color measurement in oils and fuels. Moreover, color or absorption measurement can be used to determine the concentration of specific substances by their characteristic absorption, e.g. in copper solutions for plating processes or ozone concentration in air.

With 60 years of experience in process measurement, SIGRIST now offers the ColorPlus as the state-of-the-art in-line color monitor. The well-proven dual-bean technology enables a rather accurate and stable measurement. Using up to three different wavelengths out of a range from 254 nm UV through the visible to 700 nm red light all standard color and UV absorption can be covered. Turbidity compensation is available as an option. The range is from lowest colors (<1 Hazen or 30 Saybolt) up to 6000 E/m. For the flow cell we can offer customer specific designs out of a variety of materials as stainless steel, PVDF, Hastelloy, etc. also including special options as heating or cooling jackets. The ColorPlus comes in a compact and rugged stainless steel housing, optionally available in an ATEX version.

Recent installations have been realized for color measurement in Hydrocyanic acid (0..600 Hazen), color in phthalic anhydride (0..20 Hazen), color in acrylic acid (0..10 Hazen), concentration of copper sulphate solution for electroplating (0..120 g/l).

Products: ColorPlus in-line | ColorPlus Ex in-line

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