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Water is one of the most important raw materials used in the brewing process. Quality monitoring after the treatment process and continuous measurement of spring or city water are essential for a perfect beer quality and a problem-free brewing process.

Thanks to the nearly maintenance-free construction with non-contact measurement in a free falling water jet and the automatic adjustment, the new AquaScat WTM by SIGRIST is setting a standard in turbidity measurement. This on-line turbidimeter with a measuring span of 0 to 4000 FNU and a resolution of 0.001 FNU has been developed specifically for checking turbidities in potable water treatment. The scope is completed with the AquaScat P with a closed flow cell for measurement under pressure. This version has advantages for samples with high gas content or to optimize the sample flow rate.

So be sure to measure not only the turbidity of your beer with SIGRIST, but also that of your water.

Products: AquaScat WTM | AquaScat P

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